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Deep Curl, washed/conditioned
Deep Curl, washed/conditioned

Did you know???

Have you heard???

You can now get your Jace Russian Fede in TWO WEEKS!!! Yes, I said two weeks!!!

We have completely revamped the Russian Fede buying experience. Gone are the days when there was a 6-8 week wait between you and your Fede. By giving our custom blended, hand crafted Jace Fede pieces the platform their quality, and caliber demands, we are now able to offer a buying experience that is sure to leave you feeling as special as the bundles you design.

We now even offer “Showcase Pieces” like the one pictured above that ship within TWO DAYS!!!

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Where have you been???

We know; we know…it has been a little while since we’ve chatted with our Jace ladies via our blog.

So, where have we been?

In a word, WORKING!!!  🙂

The Jace team has been doing what we do best, creating GORGEOUS pieces for our LOVELY ladies.

We are very excited to revive yet another tool (our blog) to interact with the amazing ladies that we consider a part of the Jace family, and to further introduce ourselves to those looking for quality, craftsmanship, and sophistication in the hair extension world.

Expect exciting updates, care tips, and all things JACE!!!


We may have been a little silent here, but you ladies definitely have not.

Here are just a few of some of the awesome testimonials you all have shared with us. Stay tuned; you never know when you just may see your face rocking your JACE! 🙂

Check out our Jace ladies in their Designed By Nature pieces…simply gorgeous!!!